Timeless Photography

          There is character, emotion, authenticity and depth in Mehdi Nedellec's black and white portraits,
like an open book that tells a person's story with modesty and humanity.

          Tales told thanks to the ancient technique, the use of a camera box for the photographing and developing directly onto positive paper,
but especially thanks to the contact with the photographer.

          "Above all I follow my instinct. The basis of my work is the connecting with the people, our interaction as they choose their posture and stance"
          His approach returns to the basics of camera obscura and explores the world of the first photographers of the 19th century.

          “Even though I have mastered the technique, it is an artistic performance with an unknown outcome.
          The magic of the photos is the result of the slow exposure time. There is no negative, nor film or sheet of glass.
          The light shines directly onto the positive paper."
          The whole process of how the photograph is created gives it a timeless reality.

          Street portrait artist, Mehdi Nédellec offers this interactive photography at events.
          In less than 10 minutes, he creates a unique black and white print and the client leaves with the original (thanks to the mobile lab).

           A "true" shot in which time is suspended.